Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One just has to laugh!

So, picture the scene. Bones, the cleaning ladies and nathan are in the cupboard. Michelle and Nathan are on either side of the table, and Ange and I are sitting in low slung chairs facing them (Ange is on her new skip-rescued chair which she just loves). I can't see Ange because the fridge is standing tall between us. We are having a lovely intense chat about the meaning of life and the room is silent as I put my two pence in. Nathan starts to chuckle, and Michelle continues to be serious, but I can detect some amusement on her face. Eventually it all becomes clear when Michelle tells me Ange fell through the seat of her chair and was then sitting there with her knees up to her chin pretending nothing happened. End of chat, beginning of enormous laughter!

This is what I love about the ladies (and Nathan), they are just so random.


It was another lovley morning aboard the great ship as I sat in bed drinking my tea watching the sun rise over the parish church. Living aboard really is a blissful experience at times.

Claire came to visit last night, and eventually arrived at 9:30pm having got lost a number of times. She spent most of the day cutting out bats - what a cool job she has!

I shall miss this place when I move on on saturday, but a time always comes when the call of change takes its toll and one takes up life in a new location. Only a few more days and I will be pulling the pins and heading south again.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Friday Night

The Bell Inn in lower heyford has a jazz evening every last friday of the month, so I went along - it was fabulous!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Camera 1million and 1

Honey Rider asked me about my camera, and I can still say that I am chewing the cud and deliberating. I have been learning a bit, but I forgot what Bottle told me about lenses... is a zeiss ok? If so, I will probably go for the cybershot one that is about 129.99 the only thing is lacks in comparison to my chums camera is a face focusing thingy whatsit, but I don't think I mind that.


Maffi and John:

Shipton on Cherwell church:

A lock on the Oxford canal:

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Someone called me 'cupcake' today. I rather like it.

Inspiration from the Cupboard

I was shown this today, and it is so excellent I thought I would publish it here (with the owners permission)!

We’re banned from pubs and businesses
There’s nowhere left to go.
We’re banished to the outside world
It isn’t right you know.
We’re charged enough in taxes
On the cigarettes we smoke.
But finding where to puff on one
Is becoming quite a joke.
We’re not allowed solace huddled under cover
It’s right out on the road you go
We’re treated like no other.
That’s OK in theory
It started in the summer
But come the snow and winter
The cold can be a bummer.
So what we need is shelter
Somewhere from the rain
Standing on the pavement
Can be a blooming pain.
So come on now and help us
Help us in our plight.
Give us somewhere covered
With an ashtray, out of sight.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bones is a Minimalist

Well, I am a minimalist in terms of space. I have just tidied up my wardrobe and discovered that I have:

Enough bedding for 3 double beds

Bedding for a single bed in the unlikely event one beams itself in

8 pairs of boxer shorts

18 pairs of pants

13 pillow cases

On the plus side I have 3 pairs of shoes. On the down side, one pair takes up at least enough space for 4 average pairs of shoes.

Bones has Wood!


When I have been 'fitting out' my boat, I have been trauling the skips in Surrey and now Oxford looking for suitable bits of ply to make templates and practice getting the right shape and style for cupboards and the such like on the boat. I always wanted to be able to use the ply as a template for the final wood version, and lo and behold I have just found a suitable supply (almost continuous) of wood that is being thrown out. It is from cupboards, shelves and benches - which are just perfect! Unfortunately I have just missed a skip load, but it turns out there is plenty more!!

It usually pays to wait, but I was beginning to think I would have to buy the wood, but I don't. Not only does it save me money, but each peice will tell a story - and that is exactly how I like it.

Sheriff of Kidlington: The Final Frontiers

And so back to the Sheriff of Kidlington (see here and here). I went back to my mooring that evening (see here) and after lighting the BBQ Maffi moved his boat to the front of mine. I was busying myself in the kitchen becoming a domestic goddess, and the Sheriff appeared over the fence to his house and yelled with venom to Maffi these were 24hour moorings. That was certainly a turn up for the books; at least he spoke to Maffi this time, albeit across the canal. I was pleased he had re-appeared and came out to ask him why he fed me a pack of lies the night before, and been so aggressive towards a women, he re-started his tirade – focusing once again on me and not the man nearby. Apparently we didn’t respect his privacy by mooring outside his house (yet he had interrupted ours to tell us), and that we can see into his windows. I told him we weren’t interested, and by default he could see into our boats. He went on to say it was inconsiderate in summer with people running their engines when he is having a nice BBQ or sitting in the garden, which I can understand, but I did point out that I don’t run my engine and besides, it wasn’t summer. He reiterated his imaginary point about the imaginary sign that was on the tree saying it was a 24hour mooring. I know there wasn’t a sign because a) the tree he pointed to isn’t an appropriate tree for a sign with its overhanging branches, and in the past I spent many a time on that mooring and there was no sign, and b) BW say there wasn’t; why would there be on a 14day mooring! During this tirade he was threatening, said he wasn’t a good person to make an enemy of, and told us to watch our backs. I realise I could have walked away, but really he was shouting across the canal, and I just don’t think men should talk to women like that, nor threaten them. Being threatened didn’t calm my equilibrium and in response to something he said, I said “Do you have a teddy to throw out of the window, or would you like to borrow one”. Hardly a moment to be proud of, but that was the end of the “conversation” at least, and I maintained my calm dignity throughout. I was surprised our boats were safe that night. But I do wonder whether I will be safe if I moor there again, and I don’t like that.
Maffi sent a letter the following day to him apologising for any problems he might have had with boaters in the past, but suggesting it isn’t fair to tar all the boaters with the same brush. After all, had he been reasonable and asked us to moor up elsewhere, I might have considered it. (I did moor up for 4 hours to avoid going through some fishermen who were in a match after a ‘chat’ with them). The letter finished inviting him to stop for a chat and a cup of tea next time. I hope some reason has got through to this man.
The world is full of aggressive people, but this guy was in his 40s and I really think no-one should speak to a woman like that, and in these times of equality no-one should speak to anyone like that.
Why do people shout, scream and threaten when unprovoked? Why did he walk past Maffi on the first day to have a go at me (and I was busy winding down the stern gland)? Perhaps he has problems, and I am all for helping people with problems, but if that were the case, people have to help themselves and throwing a teddy out of the pram on impact is something a baby does, not a 40plus year old adult. Why do people think they can shout and scream at someone else, and expect the other person to listen, or even respond sensibly? Perhaps that is why he picked on a woman, and that sort of behaviour in society is unacceptable.

We moved on from that mooring the following day, not because he frightened us, but because we had places to be.

Bones is Shocked!

Would you believe it?! Someone has suggested to me that champagne doesn't go with every occasion!!! I feel quite faint - it is really rather simple... change the occasion!
I think I shall have to go for a lie down.

Monday, October 22, 2007

FOR SALE - 1976 Triumph Spitfire

If you want one... look here.

And so to Lower Heyford

James did a sterling job driving the boat up to Heyford; he hadn't really driven it before so it was a challenge to remind him to keep looking where he was going rather than admiring the wildlife for too long!

Heyford is a beautiful place to moor; even though there is a train station there, the whole area is just so peaceful. I went to sleep to the sound of Owls and arose to the same, what a delight. Far more peaceful than that grump in Kidlington.

Now that I am staying in one place for a while my mind is turning back to the grande design de Bones and I really think it is about time I finished that bathroom! I have put up a bit more trimming, but I still need to box the electrics in, and there is an awkward corner that needs an awkward shelf. I think this weekend will see a big blitz on it.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Two Great Ships at Wolvercote

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Maffi at Dukes Cut after the lift bridge:

Wooden Bridge above Dukes Cut on the way to Kidlington:

Letters from the family

I have just trundled along to my pigeon hole and found 3 letters from the family:
I have a letter from my less-than-a-year-old niece on Durex paper thanking me for the money "I can buy at least 12 pregnancy tests with it" A card "how to be a proper bloke" signed from my aunt Margie who died about 5 years ago and whose handwriting looks like my sisters, and a letter from my dad in a catalogue envelope with a sticker from a closed cup mushrooms packet (including nutritional value information) with my address written in the corner.

Aren't families excellent!

Welcome to Kidlington: NOT

Maffi wrote this better than I could, so here is the link to the Sheriff of Kidlington Why the man walked passed Maffi who was mooring up behind me and decided to talk to me is beyond me. It was quite obvious that I was busy fiddling around and not waiting for a confrontation.

24hour moorings - yeah right!!

Why the sheriff was so rude is beyond me, does he like to pick on women or is it that pirate flags and skeletons (not to mention the solar panel) give out an 'I'm scum' signal? The ignorance is unbelievable, but not only that but I spent the evening wondering whether the boat (and indeed me) were going to be safe.

I was intending to move the boat today, but I think I will moor there for another day at least, and come back at the weekend for the full 14days mooring. There are times when one 'just has to let it go', and this is one of them, but I am feeling particularly bloody minded and intend to hold it for a bit. I am certainly looking forward to the man walking past the boat this evening with his dog so I can ask him a few pertinent questions. I am practicing my posh accent to go with it.

Why buy a house near a canal and then complain about the boats? I realise I could make things worse for other boaters who come to moor here by firing up the sheriff family, but there are times when us pirate girls shouldn't have to be walked over and take it lying down. Besides, I think they are quite fired up enough. What this country needs is some manners. Why do men think they can have a go at a stranger and then get what they want? The audacity is stunning.

In preparation for this evening think I shall do my hair in spikes, wear a rude t-shirt, chew gum, run my engine (Which I rarely do unless I am moving), play loud music (and sing badly), and use words that are at least 8 syllables long.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last Night

What GLORIOUS GLORIOUS weather we had yesterday! I had a lovely cycle home through ALL the puddles and then stood on the roof of the boat. What BLISS!!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bottle and the Great Monstrosity

We were reversing the boat, and as we encountered the fishermen there was something in the water. Once we moored up it became apparent it was a futon mattress.. what a sensible place to put your old matress, I can't think of anywhere worse but I can only admire the way some people think! Rather bemused, but knowing something had to be done about it, we all set too pulling it out. Well, bottle did. Bottle has a lot of stamina and persistence, I can only admire it. I am quite sure Maffi and I didn't do a lot, but this man has strength! Thanks Bottle!!!!


What a lovely evening on Saturday; Grahoom, Matilda and Bottle came over to Maffi's boat for a natter. On sunday morning Bottle arose bright and early, and so did I, and subsequently Maffi. The morning passed dozily until at least 2 cups of coffee had passed our lips, and then the day began: time to reverse Maffis boat to the lavatory dealers (college cruisers pump out). Bottle took the tiller for part of the way, and I for the next bit. As we emerged from a willow tree I noticed a montrosity in the canal and a line of fishermen. I normally like fishermen, they are pleasent and enjoy the canal as much as I do, but the first of the four fisherman was a complete growl monster. Before I could focus on him he started yelling, I persumed he was shouting so I could hear him above the engine "are you planning to reverse through here?" he said "yes" I said - whereupon the chap started saying all sorts of things I decided I couldn't understand. It was time to moor up and have a chat with him. Obviously something I was doing was causing him a blood pressure problem and although he was prepared to yell accross the canal, I felt I needed to display a bit more decorum. I eventually strolled over to him and he quite aggressively showed me the colour of the water. (I am one of those irritating people who gets calmer and calmer the stroppier the person shouting at me gets.) Enchanting I thought and told him I was interested in what he said but could we have some manners, and I won't tell him about fishing, and he can refrain from telling me how to boat (apparently a reverse gear isn't for going backwards!). His friend was far more pleasent so I decided to let fisherman leap up and down. Apparently I was about to reverse through a fishing match. Ah, I thought, that isn't friendly of me, I wonder what we can do about this. Fisherman 2 got stroppy and said " we are fishing from 9 till 2 its 10 now". I asked whether he wanted us to moor up and wait, and he rather churlishly told me "yeah right, like you are going to moor up for that long". Ah, bliss (I love it when people tell you you won't do something you have already decided you will do!) . I told him of course I would if that was what was required, especially as they were in the middle of a match - after all we are all trying to use the canal and a bit of take (and good manners) doesn't go a miss. "ooh thank you very much" they said (finally some manners!). What a transformation! When we returned to the boat several hours later there was a note on the hatch "thank you very much, the jolly anglers" Either this is the group who call themselves "the jolly anglers" or they have the best sense of humour I have ever seen! Love 'em

Deer Heads and Hat Stands

I was delighted and somewhat proud as I hung up my deers skull with antelers onto a peg by the front door. What a GLORIOUS hat stand! I hung various hats on the various bony hooks and stood back with pride. Gone were the days where I hunted around for a hat, and IN are the days of grabbing a hat on the way out - such ease, such splendour!

I left the boat, with one last glance inside to admire the ingenious use of my acquisition and went for a walk.

On returning, I opened the door and strolled into the boat and nearly got speared in the eye by an antler (and would have lost an eye were it not for my sharp avoidence!). My ingenius positioning was more lunatic than style. The problem is, there is nowhere else for it! I am now on the look out for a pair of safety specs.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eco Fan

Maffi has been borrowing my Ecofan over the last week or so as he has got his stove alight. I am truly amazed at the results. Milly M's layout is such that there is a lot of switching sides and no one bulkhead is in the same place throughout. As a result Maffi was rather skeptical about whether the Ecofan, which is on the stove at the front of the boat, could distribute heat down to the study, which is at the back of the boat. Remarkably the heat distribution is fantastic, and the study for the first time is as warm as any other room. My Eco fan is a three blade one, and to say I am pleased with it is an understatement!

My bedroom was a little bit damp last night so I am wondering whether it is time to fire the stove up; the problem is that I don't think it is quite cold enough to justify it.... but dampish bedding isn't a good thing.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Camera IV

I am still baffled by cameras, but thank you for all your advice and suggestions! It hadn't occured to me that I might not want to take pictures in the dark, so that is something else I will be considering when I look at different makes. I want to spend less than 200pounds, it has to fit in my pocket and I am thinking of a Sony, not least because my last camera was a Sony, and that means I can use the same memory sticks (which saves expense).
I asked Weeping Cross about his camera, and he tells me he is pleased with his, but the focus seems to be very accurate, which leads to some out of focus pictures (and he really does take exceptional pictures, and had no problem with his previous camera). I am currently using my mothers which is a pentax Optio S5n, and the focus is sometimes wayward on that too. I am taking her camera back at the weekend, so I really do need to make my mind up!

Maffi IV

It is a week since Maffis operation and he is looking much more coherent, and his eye is looking much better as the days pass. Whenever I open his eyelids to put his eye drops in it looks as though a vulture is peering out at me, but as time passes the vulture is looking more tame. It must be very boring being on his front or side all the time, but considering the company he has been keeping is me I think he has coped admirably.

Alistair from the forum came over last night which was fun, he came armed with some french red and some Guinness imported from Ikeja in Nigeria which I have never had before; it is extraordinary and delicious!


The boats look glorious resting amongst the falling leaves. I love the light at this time of year, it is stunning!

wounded soldier

Maffi the day after his operation.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bones is Happy

Hurrah! It is raining, The water looked delicious this morning with the drops falling into it making concentric rings of delight, not only that but the trees were dripping and the sky is Grey. I love it! I cycled into work in my waterproofs - another delectable outfit from Dr Bones' wardrobe; not only are they not terribly waterproof but they make me look like a tent - all is not lost however because they do actually match.

Another delightful happening this morning was that I left my cycle helmet outside overnight which meant it dripped down the back of my neck as I rode in. Normally this would be unpleasent, but as the drips were cold, and I was getting increasingly warmer and sweatier (my waterproofs are neither waterproof or breathable!) I found it a refreshing delight.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Wild Flowers

When I was on the K&A with Maffi, Kim and Jim I was amazed at Maffi’s wild flower knowledge. This led to a conversation with my boss about identification books, and how helpful it would be if they were arranged by colour, rather than a system that seems to require a certain level of botanical knowledge. My boss told me of such a book, and mentioned how he had seen one and bought them for his family. This morning I arrived at work to find that my boss and his wife had been for a stroll around Blenheim gardens, and when in the shop they saw another copy of the book he mentioned. They bought it for me, and gave it to me; I am absolutely delighted. What a lovely, kind and wonderful present, I am over the moon!!

The book is called Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland a photographic field guide to over 600species. Written by Rae Spencer-Jones and Sarah Cuttle. The ISBN is 1-85626-503-x Published by Kyle Cathie Limited

Maffi III

Maffi is absolutely bored out of his skull, but still a pleasure to be around (I certainly wouldn't be under such circumstances). I am amazed at how well he is dealing with his current situation, but I wish I could make it better! Had the Dr told him BEFORE the operation that he would have to lie on his front or side for 10days and could only get up (and not lie on his back) for 10minutes in every hour, he may have been better prepared; perhaps I would have been too! The good news however is that he can now see me putting the eyedrops into his bad eye – this is bad for me because he knows when the drop is descending, but good news for him as it means, at the moment at least, he isn’t blind in that eye.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

What a day!

This morning the RCR engineer telephoned me at 8:50 and gave me something else to try to get the engine started... but to no avail so I called them up again. This time they decided to send someone out; Oxfordshire narrowboats. The engineer arrived and despite fuel being in the right places, it wasn't getting up to the injectors. A bit of head scratching, and he decided to unscrew the engine stop... hey presto it worked. It seems that my cable has failed and although it was telling me it was fully pushed in, it wasn't. I knew it would be something silly. I have a new cable and will fit that!
Dr Bones felt the day was a triumph and Maffi said he needed water; no problem! Of we went, filled up and then it was time to reverse back to our new moorings where we will stay for 7days. This shouldn't have been a problem but his boat wouldn't go straight backwards and his bow thruster wouldn't work. Whats the point of having a bow thruster! Anyway, eventually I got the hang of it, and off we pootled over something horrid which wrapped itself around the propellers and stopped the engine. Ooops. After a brief cooling down period (for me!) I re-started the engine and it seemed that we got away with that one - oooh no - so down the weed hatch I went... once I managed to break the suction seal...grrrrr. On the way back I met plenty of trees, a man that refused to serve me gin and a patient (Maffi) who refused to lie down. He has to lie down otherwise we have to go through this again.

The canal is quite shallow here, and mooring up was a complete pain; I exhausted all my energy and then went to get my boat. It is always relaxing standing on the stern with a tiller in hand; but that karma soon disappeared as I tried to get the boat into the bank.

I have lost my lump hammer so I borrowed Maffis - what a pointless bit of stuff that turned out to be. A lump hammer with a plastic handle - pl-ee-ase! I managed to duck out the way as the lump flew off.

Eugene came to check up on the hospital boats with a clone of himself. That cheered me up.

I am exhausted!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Camera III

the more I read about cameras the more I realise I need a butler. HOW does anyone decide which camera to buy!!!!!!! I think I will go along to the local shop and see which ones are available and THEN look on the internet. So far I know I want it to be black, like the rain and start up and snap a shot really really quickly.

Moving onto a boat.

I am currently residing in a *house* overnight in order to pack my remaining things that are in storage here and take them to the boat. Something that is beginning to dawn on me is that I don't have a cistern on the boat, this means my camel has no-where to live. Not only that but I don't have a downstairs lavatory, which means my cow has no where to live.
Thus, If you are thinking of living on a boat my top tip is make sure you have enough cisterns. Indeed, it seems I have an enormous amount of books; this would be great if they were useful but is the clifton year book, who's who, and a biography of the revd grimshore of howarth can hardly be regarded as lifesaving essentials.... or are they... hmm... I forgot about grimshore.... and Who's who can always be good fun!

British Waterways

Today I entered my engine room and found a piece of paper stuffed inside from BW. Hurrah, they have noticed that I am overstaying on my mooring. This in itself is good news, but the boat behind me has been moored in the same spot for exactly the same time, (and I know this because he is recovering from an operation and I am looking after him). Strangely enough, this boat didn't get an overstaying notice. This could be because he has been liasing with BW about his situation, but I doubt it - everytime he tells them about him, he tells them about me. His boat is smarter than mine; I wonder if that is why.

Perhaps the mooring lengthsman hadn't heard about the medical situation going on (and indeed the fact my engine hasn't been working), but if that were the case, surely they would have noticed my lack of licence as well as my overstaying and left a note about that? (incidently BW have my paper work, I just don't have theirs).

I am told I am being charged 25pounds a day for overstaying. I wonder whether there are any provisions these days for extenuating circumstances. I was very interested that the owner of the boat behind was in today and the inspector didn't bang on his door - I suppose his paint work is nicer than mine.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bones is CROSS

Calcutt sent me a new number 2 injector pipe - HURRAH. NO NOT HURRAH but BOOO HISSSSSSSSSSSS, it was the wrong shape. However the lovely chap in our workshop became instant hero of the day and sorted out my old one: all hail the departmental workshop (and boo hiss to anyone that tries to close it). Injector pipe was fitted and I bled the system AGAIN. Many thanks to David S for helping me out with a workshop manual and a lovely description of how to do this. Engine STILL won't start, and now the battery is flat. GRRR. However, I am not a DR for nothing; I fished out my jump leads, connected my leisure batteries and hey presto, now I have POWER. So, I check the system is bled and try again, STILL no luck. Well, I think to myself, I have fuel; dusty filled me up to the top on Sunday. AH I think
STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID. TURN THE &^%$%^^ FUEL BACK ON!!!!!!! I crawl under the engine, turn the tap and NOW I have fuel running to the engine, in my hair, down my arms and everywhere. Hurrah. I try again and STILL the wretched thing won't start.
I now have no battery power at all.
Bones is sulking and NOT amused. I think I shall see if I can find a horse, they don't need bleeding, have fabulous teeth and like hay.


Well, Maffi is home, and spending most of his time looking at the floor, he really does look most unhappy in the head down stance, but assures me he is ok - he has another 10days of this! James and Ali came to visit last night which was great fun. I cooked sausages and mash... which were rescued by the boys. Good work chaps!

Camera II

Thank you for your comments on the pervious post about cameras, they are very helpful, and I will take the time to browse through the reviews on Steve's page - here is a link: Steves-digicams

I notice they do a waterproof camera which could be quite useful as I like to spend a lot of time in the rain! There were some other really useful tips to like start up speed and shutter speed; both of which are important things I didn't even thinking of!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I have been thinking about this for some time, and I have decided to actively pursue getting a digital camera (I am currently borrowing my mothers!). I have no idea where to start, so if anyone has any recommendations then I would be delighted to hear what and why! I have a lovely digital camera already but it shoots at 3MegaPix and I need a minimum of 5Mega Pix. The choices available are great, but I often find recommendation is the best!

I am also open to presents if anyone wants to buy me one! [smiles cheekily!]


I have arrived to work this morning and the heating is on. As a result all the dust that has been collecting over the summer is now circulating around the building. We all look complete wrecks and yawning. This I think is exactly the look required to give a good impression as term starts!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Maffi's Op

Maffi finally had the operation to sort out his torn retina today. He arrived at the hospital at 10:30, but wasn't wheeled down to surgery until gone 4pm, so they have kept him in overnight. Poor chap has to lie on his front for 24hours and then on his side for 2 weeks. I can't quite believe that Maffi will be able to sit still for 2 weeks, let alone lie still! The operation went very well (apparently), and in true pirate form he has an eye patch.

When he came back from the theatre he was rather dozy... getting Maffi to lie on his front facing down with his head in a specially designed to be uncomfortable face cushion thing to aid it would have been hard enough, but getting Maffi to do this while still asleep was.. hmm... it would be cruel of me to say 'amusing' wouldn't it!

So, Maffi is snoozing and will hopefully be feeling much better tomorrow. I think the eye was a bit more painful than he had expected. All there is left now is for him to recover, take it easy and in time it will be clear whether the operation worked. I hope so.


You may have noticed that an 'Anonymous' read my post about feeling quite manly with a piece of engine in my hand, and left a couple of comments about leaving forever (and I don't mean the other anonymous who left a comment about Maffi in the same post - I know who they are!). I was thinking about this today, and it has reminded me of that rather excellent Violent Femmes song "good feeling". It goes like this:

"...won't you stay with me just a little longer
it always seems like your leaving
when I need you here just a little longer..."

I love this song, it always brings a smile to my soul - and I often used to sing it when people used to say to me 'no don't go yet'..


You will all be very sad to hear that the lovely Michelle has a bad back and is recuperating at home, this is of course creating much chaos here in the department as we are one lady down from the ladies (and Nathan) entourage. I hope Michelle can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from her sick bed, we do miss you!!!!!!!!

2nd October; bits and bobs

I decided some time ago to take a sabbatical from making any decisions until the 1st October. Oh how I was mocked, but it has given me great delight to find that the 1st October has been and gone, and I know I was right to take the time. It always brings me a warm feeling inside when something I decide to do comes to fruition. I am in a much better place to make decisions now that my mind is clearer. The relief is deligthful!

Maffi has gone in for his eye op this morning. His vision in his right eye has been gently deteriorating, and I will be pleased when he is home and full of sight!

My bicycle has decided to give me grief. In this wet weather the brakes don't grip the wheel, and despite my tightening them they still screech when I come to a halt. Hrmph.

Adrian has just delivered a parcel to me from Calcutt. Thank you! I am now the proud owner of a new injector pipe. I unpacked it, and turned around to my boss who also admired it and I said how manly I felt when handling a bit of engine. He has just informed me that there is something else one has to do to be manly, and that is to impress a women. How true!!!!! and that is NEVER going to happen!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Bleeding Fuel and other things

I have managed to order a new injector pipe, and if they are in stock I should receive it tomorrow, then I can have another go at bleeding the system. If only I knew what I was doing wrong!

Yesterday was certainly quite manic, and I am amazed that Adam and Lucy were even able to get into the boat when they arrived – all hail double beds! With 5 minutes to spare I piled everything on the bed, swept threw and positioned myself in the kitchen just in time for their arrival.

Amidst the fun and games of the day Dusty arrived to fill Bones up with fuel and deliver 10bags of coal. I normally get through about 3 or 4 bags of coal in the winter, but having asked around I decided I have not been lighting my fire enough, so this year I am going to use 10. Or if not, at least I am prepared. I think the main reason I don’t use so much coal is that I don’t keep my fire in during the day, and I only light it if I am not going straight to bed when I get in.