Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Banbury Canal Day

CRT had a picture of the bicycles pulled out of the canal – I quite liked the look of some of them, but they weren’t for sale.


One of the highlights, for me, is always the stationary engines that can be found on the lead up to Tooley’s Boat yard.


For some reason I had forgottent hat Herbie were going to be there so I was delighted to spot them with their fantastic bunting.

They had this sign in the window too….


with attention to details with BootsIMG_0652

and Molly (and I LOVE Maffi’s beard!)


With Herbie coming south and the Moomins (Melaleuca) coming North we arranged to meet up on Bones.  The chef instantly panicked but Kath saved the day by carrying the flag for roasted vegetables (and they were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G) my apple crumble and leg of lamb went down a treat too – fortunately the Moomins have a large dining table so we were able to decamp there and eat our roast in style rather than struggle from our laps. The great preparation for visitors (I lit fire and swept floor) went to waste but it was worth it because we had a wonderful evening together.  Maffi, hearing of the great meat, stopped too – so it was quite an evening.