Friday, February 10, 2006

Right, I THINK I have deleted the other posts, and now I am going to start a narrowboat blog. If previous history is anything to go by it possibly won't work, however, I will keep the usual format, but this time I will focus on narrowboats.

I bought my own boat last June. I had lived on a friends boat before that - he went to Africa and couldn't take his boat with him, I needed somewhere to live and so it worked out rather well. I loved the lifestyle (I always wanted to live on a boat, but the circumstances never arose) and when he returned I decided I wanted to continue boat dwelling and purchased my own. I bought it privately, fell in love with it almost instantly, then discovered power tools - whereupon I gutted most of it, and am now in the process of making it a live aboard. Previously a family holiday boat I found it impractical for long term life, especially when the electrical system was independently condemed after I broke down.

The gutting of the boat took place during its journey from the oxford down to the thames. On day two my crew member had a bit of an accident (I am amazed he survived), and thus we rested on day three. I chose this opportunity to put him on the back deck with a book and constant supply of tea and I stayed indoors and examined my power tools - I only realised the full extent of the damage I had done unscrewing things when my crew member came in for lunch and was heard to proclaim profanities while I wondered how to cross the pile of dismantled wood (previously partitions and units) to get to him.

Having made a rather drastic start on the general repiar of the boat, it hasn't stopped. My aim is to make it safe (it wasn't before), easy to use and to make all bit accessible. I am learning a great deal and thoroughly enjoying this opportunity to create a home on the water - something I never thought would be possible. The dream I dremt is true. It hasn't been easy, but I am actually beginning to enjoy this boat - and have almost removed the previous owners DIY which is very satisfying! I just hope mine is better.