Thursday, February 27, 2014

Morning Glory at Bakers Lock

2014-02-22 08.38.11

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Vintage Motorcycle club V.M.C.C

I simply couldn't believe it when I saw the collection of bikes accumulating outside the Rock of Gibralter pub on Sunday morning.  It was absolutely wonderful – and they just kept on coming.

It turns out it was  The Cyclemotor and Autocycle section of the V.M.C.C meeting for their winter wondering.  I was meant to be somewhere else so I didn’t haven’t have the opportunity to enjoy all the bikes and cars as they started to arrive but I here is what I did see.

2014-02-23 09.49.03

about 10 minutes later I passed in the car and the car park was full with glory!  What a wonderful Sunday morning surprise!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I likes a bit of craning






Thursday, February 20, 2014


2014-02-18 18.23.45

This was a welcome sight on our moorings last night. Dusty. 

Welcome sight. That pretty much sums it up. His epic journey south was very much appreciated by us lot!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A walk in the SUN!

I do enjoy seeing this boat Carnaby.P1030828

Hazel is still at Pigeons Lock but word on the street is that she has now has new owners.


I got a bit snap happy as I strolled with the crisp February air under the clear blue skies to the sound of bird song.





Monday, February 17, 2014

No more sympathy - the boy is in paradise!

Maffi has been stuck in Loughborough for what seems to be an absolute age and I have been nurturing and increasing amount of sympathy for his plight.
Boaters were built to motor and as he hasn’t been doing that I wondered what he had been up to.  I was feeling rather woe’d (Bones/Maffi terminology) on his behalf. He has had a great time catching up with various people also stuck there, done some work on his boat and generally making it into the papers for his work clearing up the rubbish he comes across. BUT – I still thought the cabin fever may be setting in as he waits for the rivers to behave.
As a trip up north was planned on Saturday I suggested we dropped in on the way back to see Maffi.  After a delicious meal Maffi suggests we go to the Great Central Railway which turns out to be on his doorstep (I HAD NO IDEA!).
NO MORE SYMPATHY – the boy is in paradise.
The engines towered above us in true splendour.  There wasn’t time to go on a ride – but what a brilliant place!
Maffi and Molly wondering whether we had to stand in the rain for much longer.
2014-02-15 15.35.53
The trains!
2014-02-15 14.59.142014-02-15 14.59.522014-02-15 15.07.54
2014-02-15 15.33.10
2014-02-15 14.50.01
2014-02-15 15.09.25
Does anyone know what these are?
ADDED: Mike tells me they are "second hand parts for new bridges to connect the GCR to GCR North so we have a bigger railway"
2014-02-15 15.40.48

Sunday, February 16, 2014

rubbish: You have to know where to put it!

Someone decided to sort out their bathroom before working out where on earth they would be able to dispose of the old pump out tank. Well, that is my take on it.

There is a note on it from the owner saying whose it is, but it seems they are having trouble - so, where DOES one get rid of this when a Maffi isn't around?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Maffi in the newspapers, again! Hurrah!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Enslow Lakes

The River Cherwell is looking a bit feisty around Bakers Lock.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Skid Pan, Napton, Pheasant

I had a brilliant time on the skip pan at Silverstone the other day.  It was a fabulous two hours of learning to control a car in a skid.  I have always been a bit nervous driving in bad weather (not helped by a mean person being an idiot at high speeds in a car on some narrow suffolk roads in the snow once) and this was a super way to gain some confidence and learn what to do if I find myself in a skid.  It was great fun.

 It was quite unnerving to start off  but clearly, by the end, I was feeling quite pleased with myself!

A group of us met at Napton to help lock a friends friend down the flight. I tried to park in the carpark which I have often used before but a local boater told me off.  Apparently it is only for the moorers - is he right? Have the rules changed, or has it never been for the use of any old passing boater ?

 It was a glorious day:

And the flight is incredibly picturesque under blue skies:

After that I headed off to Shropshire for a week in a country cottage. It was delightful reading by oil lamp light sitting by the range listening to the silence. Wonderful.  I picked up some Pheasants. Miss T was rather unnerved when supper didn't arrive in a packet, but she dressed and cooked them beautifully once Pa and I had done the deed.

After a fantastic week I am feeling rather worse for wear having been struck by the lurgy.  I am now home lounging around admiring all the work I have been doing on the boat.