Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The other place in a different boat

In a moment of inspiration we found ourselves in Cambridge and discovered a member of our party had never been. There is only one way to see Cambridge and that is by punt.

Time constraints were tight as we had promised to cook father luncheon. So we called James and Amy on Willow and asked whether they were close so they could join us.  I left a message on the answer phone.

Maffi refused to go punting so I flung him over my shoulder and in no time I was punting the chaps down the backs. P1000151

James and Amy joined us for the return trip.


Several years ago I was fortunate enough to have an invite to join James and Amy (on their previous boat Lucky Duck) on a maiden voyage up the backs (here) and this was the first time since that I had been back.  Wonderful.