Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Blisworth, Grump, suspensions and fury.

I am all in favour of festivals but I was cursing them on Saturday.  And Sunday.  I can't make the Blisworth Canal festival on the 8th and 9th August but I thought I would spend a week there this week. It was going to work out well as I had offered to help another friend move their boat on Sunday and for various reasons Blisworth suited me well.  I arrived at Blisworth, moored up, packed a bag and headed off.  A friend texted me to say there were signs suspending the moorings.  It wasn't clear whether that was for the whole of Blisworth so I had to go and have a read of them myself.  I was infuriated to discover signs suspending the moorings some two weeks before the festival starts -  from 27th July for everywhere.

Even more infurating was that these signs were off my radar - I thought they were advertising the festival so I didn't notice them when I moored up.  (They seemed to be advertising the festival rather than suspension of mooring).  I was even more cross that the CRT notice board didn't even have a notice in it!

I was incredibly tempted to stay where I was but being a good rule abiding citizen (when it suits me) I decided to move on.  I pulled the pins and headed off feeling pleased to leave Blisworth behind (it is the same place my motorcycle got sabotaged).  I didn't have to go far before I found a space near Gayton Juntion. I pulled in to see this:

When I got to Gayton visitor moorings there was a space, but  a boat had reserved the spot. They weren't there when I arrived, and they weren't there the following morning.  I could have moored up there, but I didn't. It looked to me that doing so would create a scene and I was fed up of the scene that day so I moved on. Again.
(edit: it turns out this side is labelled visitor moorings, but 3 boats there are legit long term moorings, this boat was one of them)

I was in a right grump.  I will get over it.  If you are passing Blisworth Canal Festival do go - it sounds great fun!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blogger Ville

Yesterday was a day of bloggers!  The Halfie's had just set out on their retirement cruise when they came across me so they stopped for a catch up.  After propping up their door frame and admiring the boat I had heard so much about I retired back to my chambers.  Then it was time to go to Stowe Hill to see Buster, Dom and Steve on my way to Braunston to admire another 'new' boat - the Jam Butty. While there I saw Lesley and Joe on Yarwood who are having lots of work done on their boat - it all sounds very exciting.  My sleepless night was taking it's toll so I didn't get to visit my favourite places in Braunston, or stay long, but what a lovely treat to see so many smiles in one day!

Friday, July 11, 2014


There I was working from home having a jolly time and I decided I would just 'pop' in to town to do an errand and buy some food.  I was almost ready, put the keys in the ignition and then noticed the ignition cable had been cut.  There it is to the left of the barrel at the almost bottom of the picture.

I thought the bike had been sabotaged but on closer inspection it looks like it was a failed attempted theft.  It would be so easy to be negative but well, one must be positive:

1. I could have discovered my sabotaged motorcycle at a more inconvenient time - like when I had to get to work for a meeting.

2. The missing cable wasn't missing - it was tucked behind the tank

3. I might not have had the ability to do the wiring repair

4. The nice man in the bike shop might have not given me a top tip on the telephone

5. The passing chap may not have offered me a bag of electrical connectors (I was running low)

6. It could have ruined a good day - the day was already teetering on annoying

7. The irritating people at the insurance company (you have to report it even if not making a claim) had a nice accent

8. The police were rather nice even if not interested (I only spoke to them on the telephone)

9.  Boots was well looked after and was very generously walked in the evening

10. And the real gem was moral support turned up at just the right time.

11. Another bonus is that the barrel locks were undamaged.

A man in one of the houses very kindly said I could park my motorcycle in his driveway and today I will test my repair properly by driving it (if it is still in the driveway).  I need to set some time aside, when I get it, to check the repair will suffice as it was rather awkward getting the connectors in the gap!

I won't be sorry to leave this place -   I am exhausted.

Monday, July 07, 2014

A walk through Blisworth

Blisworth is another lovely Northamptonshire village.  This morning I went down to see Still Rockin’ as they disappeared through the tunnel.



the morning light shone upon Raymond!



My phone is now back in action - but I don't have everyone's numbers so leave a message when you phone and sign your text!

Friday, July 04, 2014


Having a lovely time at Grandpa’s


Wednesday, July 02, 2014


What a brilliant day it was at the Braunston Historic Boat Rally.  I was really looking forward to showing my friend a rather fun boat ‘Duke’ I saw at Bugbrooke when I was there.  It moored a couple of boats up and when the owner came down for a chat we were all rather amused by the conversation and his delicious approach to navigating – by tea towel.


Braunston was a real treat. I love seeing all these old boats in one place and seeing people I haven’t seen for a long time bloggers and non bloggers a like.P1040815