Thursday, August 31, 2006

Photo: Henley on thames

Henley on Thames just before the regatta. There are free moorings for a lunchtime stop in Henley just before the bridge on the left when going downstream. The charity shops are worth a visit - I picked up a tails jacket when I was there!

Photo: Newark Abbey River Wey

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Photo: Bones at Coxes Lock River Wey

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

on the topic of blogs and links...............

As I said... there are plenty of blogs, but my favourites are:

Maffi's blog which covers boating and non boating issues, general discussion, good links AND a 'chat area' so y ou can catch Maffi and other readers online - check it out!

And... another site I love for reasons I have mentioned before is:

greynomads which has superb photographs - check it out

See the links section.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Links - Granny Buttons

I am proud to announce that GrannyButtons has added me to the links section - which I in turn am about to reciprocate. GrannyButtons gets quite enough publicity elsewhere, but I have certainly enjoyed the blog so far as it captures waterways life in a way I relate to. There are several blogs appearing these days, but GrannyButtons is not only one of the longest running, but is also a fine example of life afloat, living afloat and maintaining a job. He encorporates not only his life, but also the things he see's along the waterways, and from time to time reviews current waterways issues - or at least points the reader to a blog that does. I don't know whether I am the only one that thinks this, but GrannyButtons seems to be the blog is rather like the godfather of blogs, to appear is rather like fame. When I saw my link I certainly felt I had arrived, either that or my mother has hacked into his system and added my webpage to his links!!


My lemon tree is suffering from mould on the soil, and I can't work out what the problem is. I have looked on the internet for possible solutions/causes and only found something for sooty mould which occurs on the leaves.

I am wondering whether my boat is simply too cool for it since the temperature has reduced drastically since a few weeks ago.

If anyone reading this has any top tips please do tell me! The tree has new leaves, and did flower and also has one fruit hanging on from the several that were on there and have since dropped and been guzzled.

Photo: Jericho as it was - on the Oxford canal

Friday, August 18, 2006

Poem: Sleep

Sleep washing over me
Like the waves of a clear ocean
Warming me
Like a summer’s evening.
My mind drifts
To the solitude
Found in a desolate field
Resting in the quietness
Embracing my soul.
My mind is empty
My body is light
My eyes are heavy
I feel alright.

Poem: Peace like a river

Peace like a river
Flowing through me
My mind rests
And my soul sleeps
No words torment me
Hope wraps around me
In this restful place
I dare to dream

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Walton on Thames

Three boats moored up for a banter at the Anglers in Walton on Thames. Also the place I crushed and broke my thumb.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Internet Caution

If there was any doubt that I struggle with internet communication - or rather miscommunication there isn't any more! I have been banned from a not to be named website (I can hear my mother gasping at the thought). I wasn't even sure why until now... and perhaps even now I am deluded (as it has come through my own thought processes rather than any discussion)! I was in a hap hazard way trying to defend a particular area (which happened to be one of my favorite) of the site that had recently been discarded after a rather disagreeable discussion (which I was involved in!) on one of the topics (of many) in that area. I think the site thought I was defending the topic - which I wasn't - of course not, it was controversial and I MUCH prefer those discussions in person!!!! I was simply defending that particular area of the site - NOT the topic at all!

Life is sometimes very amusing. I didn't find it funny before because I didn't understand... I do now, and its just ridiculous! I wonder what I will do with my new label as a troublemaker - wear it with humoured pride or stuff it behind the sofa.

This does however demonstrate how being a good communicator in person doesn't make one a good communicator on the internet. Communication is not a phenomenon that is automatically generalised between medians, but we can all learn if we are given the opportunity to. I certainly intend to!

I wonder what expression and tone of voice in language contributes to understanding communication and how we compensate for that in the written word?