Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Internet Caution

If there was any doubt that I struggle with internet communication - or rather miscommunication there isn't any more! I have been banned from a not to be named website (I can hear my mother gasping at the thought). I wasn't even sure why until now... and perhaps even now I am deluded (as it has come through my own thought processes rather than any discussion)! I was in a hap hazard way trying to defend a particular area (which happened to be one of my favorite) of the site that had recently been discarded after a rather disagreeable discussion (which I was involved in!) on one of the topics (of many) in that area. I think the site thought I was defending the topic - which I wasn't - of course not, it was controversial and I MUCH prefer those discussions in person!!!! I was simply defending that particular area of the site - NOT the topic at all!

Life is sometimes very amusing. I didn't find it funny before because I didn't understand... I do now, and its just ridiculous! I wonder what I will do with my new label as a troublemaker - wear it with humoured pride or stuff it behind the sofa.

This does however demonstrate how being a good communicator in person doesn't make one a good communicator on the internet. Communication is not a phenomenon that is automatically generalised between medians, but we can all learn if we are given the opportunity to. I certainly intend to!

I wonder what expression and tone of voice in language contributes to understanding communication and how we compensate for that in the written word?


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