Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Many boaters these days have washing machines on board. I was reminded over the weekend by one of my neighbours that when we first met he was hope to get a washing machine - apparently I was terribly understanding and told him I was hoping to get electricity. I did.

Washing machines on boats are becoming more and more common and those who don't either visit friends and use theirs, or go to a laundrette. Here is an extract from my diary a couple of years ago when I had a favourite laundrette...

"Infact it is so good I would be prepared to travel accross the country - much like one does for a favourite dentist. Something I adore about laundrettes (you must understand I am talking about my favourite one) are the people that pass through. On thursday when I was reading the paper and waiting for the spin to stop shaking so violently that the lady standing nearby wobbled, a beard walked in. A rather large beard who clearly had something resembling linin and spotty y-fronts in a tumble dryer. Once his (I hope this will not be regarded as sexist, I do realise women have beards, but I am obviously too polite to notice)drying was done, he felt he had to chat whilst folding the goods - quite an interesting chap. He is a fellow boater and on closer inspection I have come to realise he was infact captain birdseye - although I suspect his wife of being a russian spy. Another lady came in, sat down with what appeared to be empty washing bags, talked about boats for rather a long time; said how good laudrettes were and promptly left announcing 'she was pleased to have been able to get that all done' having done no washing or drying at all!!! Its incredible that as soon as I enter the 'zone' I find myself ruled by the 20p - I nip to the shop next door and make sure I buy something that will require 20p change, a few moments later I do the same again. The attendants providing a service also provide change, and I found myself constantly wondering whether I had enough change. I would clutch my brow, count the ones I had, stare frantically at the machines, and then sidle up to the attendent and say nervously that I felt I needed more change. On thursday I went up just before closing time and was very anxiously requesting change... I was delighted to see the beard and spy looking urgently at eachother and then joined the change queue. Laundrettes aren't about washing - they are about POWER. "


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