Saturday, June 27, 2015

Not doing the beans.

Once again the annual trek to do the broad beans has involved staring at the mass and rejoicing. They are not ripe.  We even came a week later to show willing, but still they are not ripe.    Unfortunately I got my weekends confused, so not only are the beans not ripe, but I am missing one of my favourite boating events of the year - Braunston!  One of our team is gallivanting around London, but the other has made it and is busying around post-script hand in for her course.  It is great to catch up and hear about life in the city.

without beans to menace I had a go at trimming the hedges -

The strawberry crop is HUGE so we are busy working our way through pans and pans of strawberries. When my hands stop vibrating I will freeze some and make sorbet (that's when I work out how long it will keep) with the others.  Until then they can sit in my fizz 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pottering about in the van

This weekend see's me on the shake down whatsit of 'The Van'.  I won't be the first (or last) person to be inspired by a play, let alone Alan Bennett, but when I saw 'The Lady in the Van' I was inspired.  That, combined with taking tea in Graham's van and the great Hymer introduction, I was hooked. Some say 'Lady' has a long way to go, but there is no doubt I have the van nailed.  It's a white panel van called Patch.  We are going to go everywhere together (expect when I am going everywhere together with two, or no, wheels). Boots has taken to dining in the front cabin while I admire the view and google for strong wall magnets. I was going to build cupboards, but I think I will just magnet everything to the wall.
So, here we have the view.....

Or not...I can't work out how to do it....such is the fresh air!

Monday, June 08, 2015

Castle Mill Stream, Oxford

I have been hearing flitterings here and there about the boats mooring along the castle mill stream.  The Oxford Times wrote about it about a year ago here.  It has caused quite a stir and seems to have got quite a few people ranting for various reasons.

Whatever the politics are…. this morning I was there and I love it!

do like the eclectic mixture of boats and the way people are finding a way to float. 
As I haven’t heard very much positive about it I expect I will be shot for liking it, but there we are. I do!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

What a long time ago!

I was busy trying to find a picture of my boat at Shepperton Weir for an article I am writing and have failed miserably. Instead I have found pictures of me and a bunch of Canalworld Forum people in a pub.
I was rather pleased with this balancing act.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

New door nobs

Anyone who has been on my boat will know that getting into the cupboards and drawers requires some patience.  I don't see it myself - but finally I have got around to installing my new door handles.

I am constantly losing and finding keys.  So it seemed apt that some of my redundant collection should be put to good use.   I also have three lovely little spoons and I have used them on some of the handles too.

M6 eye nuts with 3cm M6 bolts.  Keyrings from somewhere in the new forest, and a scattered collection of keys from decades of losing and finding and forgetting.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

World Down Syndrome Day

I have a nephew with Down's Syndrome. This piece of writing says it all.  Read it.  world-down-syndrome-day

Monday, February 09, 2015

When I retire I will steal hats

I have been pottering about in radio silence for over a month now.  I am rather enjoying my current mooring spot which has no internet and somewhat sparse phone signal.  In the tree nearby there sits an owl.  Under the tree with an owl in it sits a boat. In the boat there are two people.  The tree seems to have a mind of it's own, as does the owl and so, of course, do the people.  I have been wondering about this menagerie and every now and again a story forms in my mind about the tree, the boat and the people - but I never quite know what the owl is doing and the owl never features in these stories I make up; there is a void, an absence where the owl should be.  I wondered what the owl is doing, and why it never seems to be in my stories.
It turns out the owl is doing its own stuff and doesn't need my stories.
 Read about it here

Edit - the link is about an aggressive owl that is steeling the hats from passers by.  Here it is copied and pasted from this link

Some believe the owl is collecting the hats to make a nest

At least four people have been attacked by an owl over the past
month in Salem,Oregon, prompting officials to issue warnings to
early morning joggers and park visitors.  One jogger said the owl
whacked him so hard he thought he was having a stroke.
According to Reuters, signs near Bush’s Pasture Park now warn
people to avoid jogging before dawn or to consider putting on a
hard hat. Members of a bird conservancy group believe a barred
owl is responsible, a species notorious for crowding out the
smaller, endangered spotted owl. The owl could be
more aggressive because of nesting season – it is believed to be
collecting hats for its nest.
No one has been seriously hurt in any of the incidents, but the
city’s parks superintendentsaid officials have never heard of a case
like it before.