Friday, March 31, 2006

The great dismantle

During the trip from the Oxford to Surrey my crew member had a bit of an accident and was nearly crushed to death between the bank and the boat. To this day I am still uncertain as to how he managed to survive the accident with only bruising. I declared the day after the incident a day of rest and positioned the injured being on the back of the back of the boat in the shade with a book and a pot of tea. Meanwhile I went indoors and played with my power tools. I hadn't quite processed the extent of my 'experimenting' until a refill of tea was required. As I looked around me I realised the majority of the boat was dismantled; I hadn't even left a pathway to escape! Much clearing followed, and the trip continued. When I arrived in surrey I carried on what I started and here are those pictures:

The dismantling of the bunks:

and of the final kitchen unit that housed the sink. This was built very solidly, but a bit too low for me:

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What the boat looked like inside

I don't have an enormous amount of picture of what Bones used to look like but here are what I do have:

This image is taken from the door through the 'saloon' to the 'galley'. There used to be a water tank in the 'saloon' which I removed.

The water tank was moved into this space under the front deck:

The water tank was inserted forward of the metal support bar, so there is plenty of storage left underneath the decks.

Beyond the galley was a bunk room, 2 on each side. The following photo was taken from the bunk rooms looking forward towards the galley and beyond.