Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rain Excitement

It was rather wet last night and I have discovered some leaks on the boat. First of all the side hatch seems to have a gap large enough for water to poor into the boat from the gunwhale - I am not sure how I will this problem, but the whole frame could do with a bit of TLC so with anyluck I will be able to build (hahahaha) a new one which is a better fit.

Water is also leaking in from the roof vents. I will solve this by replacing them with the much better design of mushroom vents.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


over the weekend I did a bit more work on the boat. I replaced the floor in the dining room and painted the walls. I was delighted to get rid of the age old carpet which was full of dust and quite ragged. The new floor is laminate which I picked up from a jumble sale for five pounds.

In addition I have finally taken a picture of the front doors with the new panels:

The outside paintwork is very poor and although I had intended to repaint the boat this year, I think I will patch up and do it next year - I think I will make a better job of it later rather than sooner!