Monday, August 21, 2006

Links - Granny Buttons

I am proud to announce that GrannyButtons has added me to the links section - which I in turn am about to reciprocate. GrannyButtons gets quite enough publicity elsewhere, but I have certainly enjoyed the blog so far as it captures waterways life in a way I relate to. There are several blogs appearing these days, but GrannyButtons is not only one of the longest running, but is also a fine example of life afloat, living afloat and maintaining a job. He encorporates not only his life, but also the things he see's along the waterways, and from time to time reviews current waterways issues - or at least points the reader to a blog that does. I don't know whether I am the only one that thinks this, but GrannyButtons seems to be the blog is rather like the godfather of blogs, to appear is rather like fame. When I saw my link I certainly felt I had arrived, either that or my mother has hacked into his system and added my webpage to his links!!


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