Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lyme Park

We drove over to Lyme Park (National Trust site here) today to look at, er, the Park.  We had a lovely walk up to the cage which is, on a clear day, meant to sport views as far as Liverpool Cathedral.  We went on a very misty day. It was so misty we could barely see the cage until we were upon it


and the deer took me by surprise as they suddenly appeared


Boots thought it was fascinating.

A view you say?


Nothing there:


Or there


Yep. My feet are still there DSC00401

Nope, even if I stare hard there is nothing there DSC00403

Yep, just as much as when my eyes are shut DSC00404 

Your view is definitely better than mine – here is an ear twiddle to cheer you up



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