Saturday, September 17, 2011

Carpet, Hanging and Friends.

There is something quite extraordinary about patterned carpet. I will concede this is not true of all patterned carpet but with some sorts it is exacerbated by patterned wallpaper.  I could go on and on on this topic for a long time, but it really is like walking through a bowl of sick without getting wet. Fortunately this particular experience is restricted to a confined area which only exacerbates the bowl bit but release is quick.

Today I was delighted to meet up with Jan and Dave in a Cafe for a mini banter. It is a long long time since I was there but it hasn’t changed much. I was a little early so I took a walk along a country lane I used to walk along many moons ago.  There was a rather nice house and I had the strangest experience as the man in the garden was a spitting image of someone I knew as a child.  On my way back (after a conversation with my mother) I addressed the man and introduced myself.   Low, it was him.  It was so nice to see him happy;  he left our little village after his wife was found hanging in the garden something I remember well. Not a happy tale, but he is full of life now and seemed really happy. As I took my leave he rocked back on his heals and asked me what at I thought about fundamentalism….. I loved it!

Jan loomed around the corner and I left with the invitation to return when I am next passing.

I was so delighted to spend time with Jan and Dave and catch up on their news! What a wonderful end to the day.


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