Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Motorbike Fiasco

As a break from the insurance fiasco I have been looking around for a motorcycle to replace the one that was burnt to a cinder in the fire.
On Saturday I had a quick look around and over the weekend one of the bikes I saw really began to grow on me and I was frightfully keen to take it for a test drive. The shop was shut on Sunday and Monday so I decided I would go first this morning.
I got on the bus to go to the shop and decided I would call them en route to double check. The guy on the phone said they don't do test drives on used bikes. I got off the bus and decided to abandon test drive and go to work instead.
I continued the conversation only to discover they do sometimes do test drives as long as there is a deposit left and one has both parts of the driving licence and a utility bill to my home address. Well, I don't have utility bills. The 'boss' might shed more light on the situation so the guy took my number and said when the boss got in he would ring me. He hadn't rung by 10:15 so I called him. They DO let you go for a test drive, but not for many miles because the mileage is low and not in the rain as the bike shouldn't get muddy. In fact, not in the wet either, only the sunshine. I checked the weather forecast.... doesn't look like it is going to be sunny soon does it!
I also lost some kit in the fire but the shop don't have any motorcycle helmets that I can use to try the bike with so I need to first go and get one. Probably a good idea as I am going to have to buy a helmet anyway if I buy another bike.
What a shame a motorcycle makes life so much easier or I just wouldn't bother.


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