Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Greeks

Yesterday I met up with Maffi at lunchtime and we went for a stroll around the Ashmolean Museum Exhibition: Heracles to Alexander the Great. It was wonderful. There were many exhibits distributed over the three rooms and there were two that were my favourite. One a selection of gorgeous banqueting silver and the other the funeral pyre of Queen Eurydice.  I had hoped the postcard collection would have an example of both these exhibits but no; Once again the postcards were lacking personality and character and missed out the greatest of all scenes.

Fortunately Maffi took a photograph before I pointed out the big sign saying ‘no photography’. Here it is:


Isn’t it magnificent!

There is a super little cafe in the basement at the Ashmolean and we rested there for tea afterwards. The tea cups are almost the same size as the tea pots and it seemed incomprehensible that we had three cups each from our little pots. The tea bags are also the largest I have ever seen. Enchanting. Utterly enchanting.


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