Monday, August 01, 2011

Banbury to A Good place

So, farewell to Banbury and Hello to travelling home.  I have really enjoyed my stay in Banbury and I know Boots has too.

Chris Wren met me at the lift bridge and saw me through that and the lock (has anyone else ever got stuck under the concrete ledge on the lock waiting area on the starboard side going down? – I had to get two passers by to stand on the back of the boat to free me up), entertained me while I filled with water and then I dropped him off on the way past Wrens Nest.

I carried on through two locks before mooring up for the night. It was still early but I still had a bit of work I wanted to do and after the first lock with the journey under way I had an urgent need to potter about and enjoy the boat. I moored just above Nell Bridge Lock.DSC09969


DSC09975 DSC09982

I love this spot:




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