Friday, July 29, 2011

Farewell Banbury

Not very good pictures here and some places I intended to take photographs of I just didn’t.

Banbury has everything that I don’t really like about a town yet I love it there; it even makes me want to shop!  Anything you could need is there. It has a fantastic recreational area and wonderful walks for Boots. While I am there Boots is exceptionally happy because Karen from RBC Pet Care Services comes in during the day to take him out on adventures. RBC are absolutely fantastic!



I was very grateful to my friends for allowing me to use their mooring while I was there. It is a lovely spot!

  I found it hard to sleep through the noise of the generators. I spoke to one of the generators who were lovely but that night another boat had their engine running and once again I didn’t sleep. I decided that I didn’t really want to have another night of not sleeping (there was one generator that was so far unused and I felt sure it would fire into action imminently!) so when a spot became available I moved along a bit and that cured the problem.

Theatre in the Dock was delightful (despite my brilliance) – I do hope it happens again next year.  The quality was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed Kate Saffin’s one women play and Debs Newbold.

Finally I have made it Ye Olde Reinedeer Inn. It is fantastic!  I had intended to go much earlier in the week but I flaked out only to resurface on Thursday. I met Chris and Joy Wren there which was great fun. It is a fine establishment with a selection of fruit wines and Hooky Beer. Definitely the place to go when in Banbury!!

When walking around the park late at night one can’t help but notice the rubbish that the locals have left absolutely everywhere from their day/evening of revelling. What is astonishing is Banbury has this totally under control and by morning it has all gone. It doesn’t reach the source of the problem but it is a perfect solution.

So, farewell Banbury. It has, as ever, been wonderful being in your arms.


Blogger eeyore said...

A local boater, when on the moorings, picks up a discarded carrier bag at one end of the park and by walking through it to get to the business of the day, deposits a full carrier bag in the bin at the other end.

The Park Rangers are also very good and tour the parks emptying bins and dog bins daily.

Some people do take pride in their home town.

6:46 PM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

That's what I like about Banbury people DO take pride in it. It's wonderful.

10:24 PM  

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