Monday, July 18, 2011


Rousham House is a short walk from the moorings at Lower Heyford. Through the railway station, to the main road and turn right. Over the bridge, left at the traffic light and up the hill. I suppose it might be a mile?  Anyway, it is well worth a visit at £5 per person. It is not at all commercial and is totally unspoilt which means there is no tea room or shop, but there are lavatories. It is a marvellous way to wile away a sunny day which is exactly what SMiles and I did on Friday… we arrived in style pootling down the drive in his MG Midget. On arrival we found a nice place to have a snooze.

DSC09903 DSC09904

and then took a stroll around.   DSC09900 DSC09908 DSC09907

DSC09909 DSC09917



Last time I was in the church I set the alarms off (oops)– I didn’t this time!


next to the church was this little building with a bell. I wondered whether it was an old school room or something. SMiles decided that he would try and peer through the window – he wasn’t quite tall enough and was leaping around like a gazelle trying to peer through so I offered a leg up. He looked, reported back and I walked off…and he slid rather quickly down the side of the building…. I had failed to do the ‘leg down’ …OOPS. Fortunately he wasn’t hurt (and I did only suggest a leg up…I had forgotten a leg down is usually coupled with a leg up…)


Before we left we spent 15minutes doing a butterfly survey – there were quite a few along here but it seems that butterfly numbers might well be down this year:

DSC09942 DSC09948

I love the way everything is fully dressed at Rousham; even the Bantams:


We went the long way home around the delightful country roads of Oxfordshire in the MG.



Blogger BigJohn said...

Some fabulous pictures.
re the sleeping arrangements: has SMiles got small feet, or is it just the comparison? ;-)

4:19 PM  
Blogger WeepingCross said...

I'd be very concerned about how well those coffins fit!

8:16 AM  

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