Friday, July 01, 2011

Dear Granny and Grandpa

I am poorly. I am SO poorly. WOE is me. Oh Granny, EVERYTHING, keeps falling out EVERYWHRE and it is AWFUL.

It is SO unfair I am not allowed anything to eat until 7am and then I have to wake up for boiled rice only. Oh Granny it is so long away and I don’t like 7am AT ALL EVER. Mum says that if the rice doesn’t explode inside me then that means I am better.

I am not better yet. I am so miserable.

Lots of Love



Blogger Crew: Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

When a pooch is feeling unwell, it's safe to give them Pepto Bismol which is available over the counter from your local chemist. 1ml for each 10 pounds of dog, given every 4/6 hours. If problems persist for more that 2/3 days, consult a vet for a full examination.

Generally speaking, you can't treat animals with medication intended for humans. The effects on them can be catastrophic. But it seems that Pepto Bismol is one such product safe for dogs and us. Even the on duty Chemist agreed that it was a safe product to use.

Regards M and M

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

o boots get well soon, and have all the dogs send you colorful get well soon card

Granny and grandpa

12:16 PM  

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