Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Weekend: Lapworth

The weekend started well with a fantastic evening in the Jolly Boatman with nb Petroc.  We certainly made up for not meeting together when they were here a few weeks ago as this was the third time of meeting…although I had to share them with Maffi. We had another enjoyable evening full of laughter.  Gill and Geoff’s daughter Emma arrived to join the hilarity at 9:30 and Boots took rather a shine to her.  At the first opportunity he climbed off my lap and sat on Emma.

After a sleepless night I set off on Saturday to a Canalworld Forum banter. I arrived met up with Casper and his daughter and then walked down to meet NB Alnwick.  We had thought we would meet them half way up the Hatton Flight, but by the time I arrived in Lapworth they were already at the top.  We had a great time chugging back under the power of a K3.  Boots took a shine to the bed ‘ole


but was soon extracted to join us on the bow.IMAG1674

There were a few hairy moments when the boys drove us into the bushes (these deep drafted boats often get into trouble in the shallows and the answer is more power…apparently… ) – it was great fun.IMAG1675

Alnwick is a handsome boat.IMAG1678

The banter went incredibly well, there were loads of people, some of whom I had met, and some I hadn’t and did… the organisation was incredible and Richard and Sue hosted a breakfast on their boat Tawny Owl for about 24 people! I liked the rope work on their kettle:


In the morning Boots and I were delighted to see the rain and went for a wet stroll along the canal. We started with the lapworth flight


The towpath is in excellent condition and there are several ‘things’ to read whilst walking along to draw the passer bys attention to the history of the waterways.

I liked this lock:


which sported one of the many information plaques


The plaques weren’t just about boaters.  There was information about the people that designed and built the canal those that made the bridges and many more.

I arrived home early afternoon and slept.


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