Sunday, June 05, 2011


I had a lovely walk along the River Cam yesterday followed by Coffee aboard WB Pippin. Boots has been itching to visit since John made the good ship a tiller pin in his honour.  Amy from Lucky Duck arrived after a morning of rowing and we had a great time together.  While we were there Pippin’s neighbour came out with his dog.  See here for Amy’s picture.

Today I took a walk around the city and rather enjoyed this busker


It was a special day as I had a few hours with the dear C before her trip abroad.  I rarely ever say good bye and turn back to look at the person I have just said farewell to. C is the same. This time I turned back and watched her walk into the distance. Walk. We had a lovely time together but far far too short.IMAG1550

Afterwards I went to meet the good Dr Saffin to bring her back to her car. She is en route to Stoke Bruene to perform at the museum there at their gala weekend. I was early and it was a lovely surprise to see E in the area. We had a natter before I went down to meet the good Dr for natter, flap jack and transportations.



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