Friday, May 27, 2011

2% Natural

I have always struggles with and against routine, but as time has passed by I have learnt the benefit of such a thing.  As a result I am injecting routine into my daily schedule. I have found that despite most efforts I manage to do routine things, but not at a routine time, for a routine duration or anything that really counts as routine other than the event itself  - the carrying out of which isn’t quite enough.  So, I am trying again, but this time I am tackling breakfast head on. Each day I have a bowl of muesli ‘thing’ with natural yoghurt and if it is a very special day (i.e. I went shopping and engaged my memory and can deal with ‘yellow’) I have a banana with it.

I ran out of yoghurt.


Yesterday I went shopping.  It was not a yellow day so I have no bananas, but I DO have yoghurt. Unfortunately I made a grave mistake. I picked up the yoghurt that is only 2% natural. (it was not a fat day either)


Strangely this yoghurt has the delicious sharp flavour I remember as a child.  Despite this it doesn’t taste quite right. I think life is much the same. Too often we settle for too little. Much of life is only 2% natural; 100% is on the shelf next door.

I don’t suppose anything says 100% does it.  I am very grateful that this yoghurt pot wasn’t in a recyclable natural packaging otherwise the 2% might have referred to that and I would have had to eat the pot and throw the contents away.


Anonymous Adam said...

I can't really see the point of low-fat yoghurt. If you look at the calorie figures, the difference between low and full fat stuff is pretty minimal really...

9:37 AM  
Blogger TMW said...

I think it says two percent fat, not two percent natural.

9:58 PM  

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