Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Sunday was an interesting day. It started off with a beautiful walk with Molly and Boots. The wild flowers are looking fantastic:


Afterwards I headed over to the church where my Godson had decided to get confirmed. It was a privilege to share in this lovely occasion, and on top of that he sang a stunning and really quite moving solo (he is a chorister elsewhere).  The flowers looked great


Afterwards I returned with the family to their house for lunch. I am frightfully shallow at the best of times but I am more shallow than a shallow thing on a shallow day in shallow Ville when it comes to meringues. For pudding we had meringues. I love meringues and these were delicious.


It was lovely spending time with the family.  Afterwards I came home and had a jolly good walk through the fields. Boots was delighted to be back on familiar territory and just loved it. We took Maggie with us this time and they both had a great time.

IMAG1358 IMAG1357

We had a long walk over the fields along with a sit down looking at the sun shining on the spire of St Mary the Virgin in the distance.

After two glorious walks Boots was rather exhausted and I wasn’t much better so we finished the evening with a drink at the local pub with Maffi and returned home for an early night.

Petroc are moored here at the moment and I have enjoyed meeting them albeit briefly.


Anonymous Fiona said...

So the Cornish flag is flying in Thrupp again! Hope you gave Barney a pat!

3:25 PM  

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