Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weedon to Almost Buckby Top Lock

It was a beautiful morning as Boots and I took a stroll around Weedon. The shop and green grocers are pretty good so we stocked up on a few things before pulling the pins and heading up the Whilton/Buckby locks.

The first sight was that of the burnt out boat I had spotted on the way down. A sober reminder of the fragility of life:


This stretch is beautiful, not least because it is the home to one of my favourite boats – George:



Coming out of the locks was a pair:


It was a lovely trip and didn’t take nearly as long as I had expected so by the time we moored up we had a long afternoon and evening ahead of us. We went up to the New Inn and watched the boats float by.

Boots is exhausted.

We didn’t play Yahtzee… Yesterdays score wasn’t added up properly and we had to abandon the last game. The pressure is clearly on.

Happy Birthday Hannah.


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