Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stowe Hill to Stoke Bruene

I didn’t sleep well last night, only fitfully and only for a few hours thus I was not firing on all four cylinders.

My mind tends to go over drive on such occasions and I nearly pulled over a few times in order to give myself a good talking to, but I didn’t.  We stopped for coffee before the tunnel in order to don our waterproofs and set on through Blisworth.  I had Boots with me this time on the roof and to say he wasn’t impressed would be an understatement.  It wasn’t the tunnel per se but the showers of water falling from the sky that did it for him which is totally understandable as they came as a shock. 

We moored just the other side of the tunnel with the woodland walk to hand.IMAG1106

The tunnel and where the leggers used to hang about:


The tunnel is made up of these rings now:


A bit of the walk:IMAG1116

I like the topiary although this is not the best view:


but I especially liked the natural topiary – it looked like a man had dived into the ground:


I followed Elizabeth and Pete. They are such an utterly adorable couple.


No Yahtzee. I don’t suppose it will be mentioned again.


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