Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Braunston to Stowe Hill

In the morning I walked over the top of the Tunnel with Boots to have a look at the state of the path as Weepingcross was going to bicycle back to his car at some point. The ventilation chambers are quite sweet in the fields:


I peered into the tunnel and put myself off tunnels altogether. It wasn’t too bad as it happens. Elizabeth and Pete were singing in the tunnel which was beautiful. It was a shame my engine drowned them out, I slowed down to hear them and felt incredibly moved as they sailed into the darkness with the echos of two part harmony. 

Weepingcross and I sang our round ‘have you seen the ghost of Thames for a bit and then I whistled to myself with the beat of the engine noise for company.

IMAG1080  DSC09007

I felt very proud when I came out the other end.

Out of the tunnel and we were in a tree lined corridor. Weepingcross disembarked to return to his car and to drive on and meet us at Buckby. He was going to bicycle but the gears on the bike proved to be enough to polish off any desire. He did say it would have been hard to cycle the path, and he walks faster than a Ferrari so it was probably quicker.DSC09022


The locks were quite busy which was good as we had help all along.



We stopped off at the bottom of the locks for lunch before Weepingcross headed home.DSC09041

It is quite some time since we boated together and his departure marked the end of a really lovely time. I am rarely happier than when surrounded by fun and humour.

The trip from Whilton down to Stowe Hill is beautiful. The highlight, boat wise, was seeing my favourite: George


Not long after that I saw the familiar site of Andy walking up the tow path. Seeing him on a towpath is not familiar as I haven’t seen him for 15 years, but his walk is! I stopped so him and Jo could come on board for the trip into Stowe Hill.  So very very good to see them again.

We arrived to the smiles of Steve and Linda who had gone to great trouble and organised a huge BBQ with a roaring fire for the evening. It was lovely to see them again. Boots was pleased, once he had finished stropping and giving midge the cold shoulder in a ‘where have you been’ way, to see his long lost friends Davy and Midge.

Still no Yahtzee – I think they are threatened by the champion developing with every second, although there wasn’t really any time for such things.


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