Monday, April 25, 2011

Braunston to ..still Braunston

After a relaxing morning Boots and I returned from our walk to discover NB  Calm Down at the water point. I hitched a lift over the other side of the canal to see Lillian filling up with water. We had a good natter while Dave was at the shops.  After one thing and another Elizabeth, Pete and I had coffee before E&P went back to Bella and set off in my direction. I started the engine in order to make sure it was behaving (it wasn’t). Then I turned to notice the hirers behind me had set up a dining room on the stern of their boat “a la fumes de diesel” and were luncheoning. I love this view of Braunston:


and this:


The lock flight wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. I stayed on my boat while E and P took turns in doing the locks with the hoards of helpers.  The Burtons were at the lock which was a lovely surprise -they have a lovely lurcher who has quite a character! Chris grabbed a windless and helped out with the first lock.

We shot up the locks and moored up just before the tunnel. Kraken came by on Lucian and we had another opportunity to catch up.

Then Weeping Cross arrived. We spent the evening on Bella eating delicious food and embarking upon more laughter.

No Yahtzee….


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Such fun I am jealous!

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