Friday, April 15, 2011

Aunt Sally

Last night the boys and I went to General Foods in Banbury to support a friend who is the captain of an Aunt Sally team. I have never seen this came played and I was really quite astounded at the sticks being thrown at the distance they were thrown at the small thing. Actually, I was more impressed at the scorers and ‘doll picker uppers’ who stood in range and trusted the thrower not to hit them.

Apparently Aunt Sally is particular to Oxfordshire and there is a wikipedia page about it here which I haven’t read.

Here are some fuzzy pictures.

setting up


The sticks


the doll


some action:


It was rather good fun as it happens.

Nathan described the game as a pub fight without throwing chair legs at people.


Blogger Bella's Blog said...

We used to watch Aunt Sally games at the Marsh Harrier in Temple Cowley. But it was always outside!

1:43 PM  

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