Wednesday, April 06, 2011

All Change: Annie’s Tea Rooms

Timmy and Annie set up Annie’s Tea Rooms in Canal Yard in Thrupp in 2009. Since then the place has thrived as the locals and walkers have discovered the joys of Annie’s cakes and lunches. 

Last month we waved Annie and Timmy and their friends off on a boating adventure as they packed it all in and took to travelling the waterways again on their narrowboat. 

Annie’s Tea Room has been taken over by 4thD landscape gardening company who operate out of Canal Yard. The delightful Marianne (also a boater) is running the tea rooms and is turning the community potty with her jam tarts and bun cakes. The cakes and lunches continue to be delicious and the place is positively thriving.

They have a new website here. If you click here you can find out about the things going on in and around Thrupp.


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Any excuse to pause in Thrupp!

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