Tuesday, March 29, 2011


BW have done some more work at Isis lock. I made my thoughts clear about the area so now we wait and see whether the works will be an improvement. They still haven’t finished it as you can see the posts on the landing stage still have a gaffer taped top, but they have put the booms up. Here are some pictures.


The gap between the posts allows for smaller boats to get through which is to be expected as the EA inspection launch needs access. Here are the booms looking upstream:


The posts still have gaffer tape but the collapsing edge has been fixed and capped. October has moved back into the Mill Stream:



Blogger Eli Bastin said...

Dearest Bones,

Can I use your photos of the lock and the new additions in the next Jericho Community Boatyard ltd newsletter? No one else has taken such good photos of the monstrosity and they would go well with an article about why it's terrible, dangerous etc...

xx Eli

9:47 AM  

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