Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Morning After

After the glorious sunset the morning set in with a thick mist rising from the water. Utterly divine.




I am a winter person, but these crisp spring mornings have an atmosphere that are second to none. Not only do they make one ‘feel’ but they wash the tired and weary mind with something indescribably soothing.

This morning reminded me of the first few days living on a boat. I was moored in Wolvercote and I awoke to a beautiful brisk Autumn light where the mornings were not dissimilar to this one; crisp and cold. I made a cup of tea and as I was quite sure civilisation would still be asleep I stepped onto the front deck to drink it.  As I sat there revelling in the freezing cold I glanced up to notice a long line of fishermen. I don’t think I have ever got dressed quite so quickly.


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