Sunday, April 03, 2011

Castle and Gravestones

This morning Boots and I (more I as his lordship slept through the entire decision making process and shuffling of maps) decided to go on a hunt for castles and grave stones. First port of call was Deddington Castle. The lead up is a beautiful path lines with trees.


The land around the castle was beautifully open


and there was a sweet house:DSC08774

but the castle had a distinct lack of bricks:DSC08771

So we left the way we came:


and stopped at this sweet little church on the way:


We stood for a while and enjoyed the quiet, the smells and the complete and utter peace before heading on in search of another castle which was closed:


But it did have bricks:


and a lovely tree (and church) nearby:


I will DEFINITELY go back to visit this place – it was beautiful and once again we stood in the quiet and the peace for a while.

I was en route to a cemetery but when I got there I decided it was too commercial for today. I will go back another day, I won’t be far away in a few weeks time and it will make a nice walk. Instead I stopped off to see Oakfield, I didn’t get to see nearly as much as I would have liked to have seen of them when they were in Thrupp and it was lovely to see them. Wren’s Nest were gallivanting around the town so I missed them.


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