Thursday, April 14, 2011


I saw two lovely sights while I was out last weekend. The first  was a heron taking off and being framed perfectly in the middle of the cut under the lift bridge.

By the time I had picked up my camera, switched it on an taken the shot it was just off centre and I had the wrong setting on the camera – but for a one shot wonder I thought it captured the scene rather well (and I didn’t hit the bridge footings!)


Here it is up in the sky:


Then, as I was coming around the corner I saw a fox at the top of the field running down to the water. I grabbed my camera in the hope a good view would come around and I had my camera armed and active when I finally caught sight of it in the grass when on zoom.


I got another picture as it ran up the field. This picture made me laugh as Boots isn’t terribly keen on foxes so I had him by the collar, the camera in my other hand and I really wasn’t very still. Anyway – here is the fox catching a glance at the ridiculous scene developing on the back of NB Bones as a result of its presence:



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