Thursday, April 07, 2011


Ages ago I wrote about Herbie’s paint thing. I like Herbie.  Yesterday while I was catching up on a few blogs I noticed that they were probably about to get onto the canal and may arrive in Thrupp that day so I told Maffi.

Later in the day I happened upon Thrupp and thought I would pop into the tea rooms to say hello to Maffi but he wasn’t there. This is most odd because he wasn’t on his boat either. I gave him a ring and discovered that Herbie had, as I had thought, arrived and he was taking tea with them. So I whizzed down and took tea too. It was lovely to meet them both finally and see their lovely paint work. I was sorry not to stay longer and catch up but it sounds as though they have had a jolly good time in Thrupp.



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