Thursday, April 07, 2011

New Boots

For some time now my legs have been aching. I knew there was a reason for this, but I just couldn’t quite remember, then at the weekend the penny dropped: my shoes need replacing.  I have some nice shoes for smarts but they don’t have the cushioning I need for everyday stomping and trolling around.

I hate shoe shopping.

Whenever I visit my brother-in-law I take a sneak go in his shoes; they are Timberland and VERY comfortable. When I visited my parents on Saturday morning I noticed that Dad had a pair of Timberlands in his dressing room so I had a quick go in those too (spun a twirl or two); they were fantastic.

Spurred by this I popped into our trendy Schuh shop to see whether they had Timberlands and although they did they were a bit too manly (I take man sizes) and not quite right. I tried on a more ‘dainty’ CAT shoe but it wasn’t quite right either. 

After a quick search I found a Timberland Outlet store at the dreaded Bicester Village and after work I pootled up there to try some on. The service was absolutely outstanding and after trying on several different sorts and having to convince myself the colour didn’t matter (ssh), I settled for a Chelsea boot:


I am MOST pleased. No laces. Yay.


Anonymous Martin said...

Just hope the dog didn't see the title of your post!

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Wiggins said...

Nice boots - whichever

8:45 AM  

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