Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stoke Bruene to Weedon: Picture Book

Boots and I took a stroll along the woodland walk before we winded and returned through the tunnel. I was a bit worried about Boots freaking out and Elizabeth said she would come onto my boat and be there with him and report back. He was actually alright, a bit scared, but generally O.K.  I then had someone to chat with all the way to the water point which was really lovely. A bloke already on the water point seemed to be more concerned about my boating than his so I moved out of ear shot (mine and his) and patiently waited for him (in the wind) to get out of the way which he did.  I really like this stretch of countryside so here are some pictures:

This boat went past:

DSC09108 DSC09116



What a lovely boat: DSC09137


I love the way the bridges frame the countryside


Played Yahtzee… I may even have begun to ‘get it’


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