Sunday, May 01, 2011

Braunston to Almost Cropredy

Kate joined me and we both had a lovely supper with Elizabeth and Pete the night before we went boating. Kate, having insisted on a 6am start, was no-where to be seen by 6:20 so I started the engine and set off into the sun rise which looked something like this:

IMAG1145 DSC09200

roused from her chambers Kate and I took it in turns to beat the wind into submission to Napton and then over the summit in the morning light. First person to be seen was Jo Lodge who was out on the towpath at silly o’clock and then Andy Mackie. It was good to see them again. We wound our way through the morning light through the fieldsIMAG1148


The crew looked like this:


and this:


and the newspaper in the little hut on the Napton flight looked like this:


We arrived at Claydon Middle, moored up and crashed out just in time for Pete and Elizabeth to arrive to take Kate back to their car. Pete stayed with me and we carried the journey on to Cropredy finishing in the Brasenose Arms with beer. To say that I was exhausted was an understatement. I sat on the chair bed, woke up flat out an hour later with Boots sliding down the side next to me and then I climbed into my chambers totally and utterly fatigued.

There are absolutely no words, as always, to show my complete and utter gratitude to my friends other than to say thank you.  It can never be enough.

I am now moored where I need to be in order to get to work.

I finished my cruise with the view that encouraged me to head further north when I sat at the lock with 8ch.


The Journey was 22 miles and 17 locks.




no wonder I was tired despite not really doing the locks.

I still am.

So, I have had a holiday. It has been amazing in so many ways.


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How clever of you well done!

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