Friday, June 03, 2011

Burton Dassett

I decided I would take a drive and blow the cobwebs away in Burton Dassett Hills Country Park.  I visited here with the WeepingCross some years ago and always intended to go back… I did. The views are amazing.



I took a walk down to the ‘cathedral on the Hills’ and spotted a well I had forgotten existed (and totally explained why we had found this place)DSC09644

Apparently the church is open during daylight hours. DSC09650

I double checked the sky and confirmed it was daylight but still the church wasn’t open… so I went for a walk and came back again – still locked.  I was rather disappointed as last time I was there I was rather surprised by the interior and the ancient stone alter and medieval wall paintings. Instead I sat outside, rested and admired the view:


And back over the hills:

DSC09637 DSC09636 DSC09635 DSC09634 DSC09633


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