Saturday, May 28, 2011


It won’t come as a great surprise that the cleaning ladies (and Nathan) (here) are rather good at educating me on certain aspects of life (and here) and a couple of weeks ago was no exception. They were eyeing up ‘Britains got talent’ on YouTube when I went to visit so I pulled up a chair and watched. One of the groups which really caught my breath were a group called Spelbound.  Here is a video of them (here if it doesn’t work):

I went straight to my office to see whether they (Spelbound, not the cleaning ladies (and Nathan)) were ‘on tour’. They weren’t (possibly because I spelt the name wrong).  I was rather disappointed.

That evening I went to Cinderella’s Matthew Bourne (and visa versa) at the New Theatre in Oxford and lo and behold there was a flyer to announce Spelbound.

I purchased tickets and all four of us (with Kate, not Nathan) went last night.

I am taken with the ‘different’ and ‘unusual’ and I love this expressed in dance and gymnastics so Spelbound pushed all the buttons.  It was a variety show (that was a first) and another of the acts was Stagecoach – a theatre dance group for 4 – 18 year olds. As they all lined up and sang ‘we are the children’ the children really struck me. My lord – here they are singing on the stage embracing life, doing theatre, having a great time. What an amazing opportunity. It reminded me of Hannah, at the tender age of 10, when she was at the Pegasus Theatre in Oxford for a short time, and it reminded me of me. I sat and remembered what I was doing all those years ago when I was a young girl. 

What a contrast life can be.

Spelbound were absolutely incredible, they really were. It was wonderful.


Anonymous John Sloan said...

I went to see Cinderella by Matthew Bourne last Christmas at Saddler Wells with my daughter and son and thought it was fantastic!! I am a big admirer of Matthew Bourne and if you have not seen it would recommend "Dorian Gray" I saw that when I was boating in the Manchester 2 years ago.

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