Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today I decided I would try and make fritters. They turned out to be less fritt and more er. 

Fritters are a wonderful way to use up veg, says Elizabeth, so I thought I would give it a go – not least because I sampled hers when I was in Braunston and loved them.

Whatever my friend Elizabeth does in her kitchen is totally unreproducible in mine (and this is not the only example – don’t get me started on pasta sauce!). O.K. so I had a slight ingredients crisis and added black pudding and bacon in replace of  the egg and porridge oats but even so...

I was quite proud as I made myself busy in the kitchen, but when I went to serve it up and stood back the whole thing looked really quite unpleasant.  Everything in me was screaming ‘move away from the mosh’ (anyone who has dined regularly on the good ship will have experienced this on several occasions). Not being one to be defeated I solved the problem by wrapping the lot in big floppy lettuce leaves. Genius.  Even if I say so myself.

I think I might be onto something here because wrapping ones food up in greenery adds a certain touch of class. It was all quite palatable.


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