Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Braunston: Sunday

I got up on Sunday morning having slept rather weather well which is most unusual for me. I had plans for the day but after painting a panel for under the gunwales I wondered why I was sitting in the shed with a tin of paint when I could be up at Braunston chatting to people and watching boats so Boots and I set off in the car for a half day out.

The day started with this model boat again. I was really captivated by it:


Elizabeth looked great:


The bows looked great!DSC09821

A piece of picturesque polling:DSC09832

some stylish cruising:


I love the view up to the church:


and George. OH YES! I just love this boat.DSC09836DSC09842

After putting the worlds to rights with Neil I was beginning to over heat and so was Boots so we went and joined the Casper Clan who had a fantastic spot by the marina bridge in the shade. Andy and Lyra looked very chilled out:


The loaded boats looked fantastic:


Archimedes going through


watched by yellow bear!!


and Alan and Cath on SickleDSC09849   DSC09831

Andy and Dave living it large on Jaguar:DSC09830

What a fantastic weekend!  A huge thanks to Chertsey yesterday  for sharing the parade with me!


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