Monday, June 27, 2011

Braunston: Saturday

I have been looking forward to the Braunston Historic Boat Show all year. It is a show about boats and people, unlike many shows which are about commercialism.  I arrived to see this wonderful model cruising around. I loved it, not least because the engine noise changed as the boat slowed down.



There were loads of boats and as a result the parade was rather full. Thus it took much longer than anyone expected.  The canal looked fantastic:


I was ballast for Sarah and Jim on Chertsey which was great fun. I love the line of expressions here:


and here – same boat different party….DSC09809

Liam was looking good on his boat


and Jules had a great hat:DSC09799

After the parade I caught up with a few more friends before the drive back home.  It was a great day. I hadn’t intended to go on Sunday as well, but I did.


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