Friday, July 22, 2011

Theatre in the Dock – I was BRILLIANT

Last night ZeroSeefr kicked off the weekend of Theatre in the Dock with a trio of short plays inspired by the work of Tom Rolt “A travelling writer of ghost stories and his wife embark on their honeymoon on the canal; An heir to a fortune discovers a mysterious music box; spectres haunt lonely railway tracks as the age of steam lives out its last days and a rambler is led by distant lights into the heart of an inexplicable storm...”

I went.

I starred.

I was brilliant.

I have searched on the internet for a review, but to no avail. I have no idea why because I was UTTERLY brilliant.  The third play required audience participation. First we had to practice rain, thunder and wind of varying degrees (there was no need for the running water as there was some to hand down the draining gutter of the dock itself) and then we were told they needed a volunteer. A hill walker.  Kate and Maffi volunteered me and that, combined with my dress code for the evening ( unfortunately as a hill walker) meant I couldn’t really refuse – after all I told myself I will just have to stand and stare and sit down again – a matter of mere minutes if that.

Cursing my two friends I arrived on stage and smiled sweetly in a ‘Oh dear’ fashion.  It quickly became apparent that standing taking a bow and leaving were not quite what I was to do.  It quickly transpired that I was THE actress for the evening and my job was to act out the narration.

I was brilliant.

Even if I say so myself. I was utterly brilliant. A total natural. With some exceptionally capturing and gripping scenes at my fingertips I mastered them all. Admittedly, I may have appeared slightly too enthusiastic and, as one member of the audience put it ‘a tad gleeful’ when I stumbled upon a dead sheep…

Later,  I soon adopted terror as I screamed gripping onto the back of the chair at the…mm… I forget what.. but the scream was inspired.

Finally the play finished. The audience were gripped throughout, on the edges of their seats with terror as the ghost story unfolded in front of them.  I forget my name but everybody was there with me, amidst the shadows, the fear, the storm, the closing in of the dark and the light… oh my! When I followed the right light you could feel the unease sweep across the dock.

I was excellent.

They laughed throughout all the serious scenes. One simply can’t get the right sort of audience these days. Anyone would think they were at a comedy show.

I, was utterly brilliant.  Signings will be taking place when my agent gets in touch.


Blogger belle said...

Oh how I wish I had been there to see it! Clearly, your performance is going to go down in theatre history as the stuff of legend. Perhaps I could re-work the whole of my dissertation to take you into account? I look forward to the next time you tread the boards ;)

9:23 AM  
Blogger Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

When is the DVD out then?

8:10 PM  

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