Friday, August 19, 2011

House Dwelling

This morning I am at the family seat.  As I went through my suitcase I noticed that I have trousers to change into for evening dining, but I had utterly forgotten to pack trousers for the day. Fortunately there is a washing machine here so I announced that I was going to have to wash what I was standing up in. ‘ooh’ said my father ‘are you going to use the washing machine’. ‘yes’ said I. ‘Wonderful’ said my mother and before I knew what had happened they had both change their outfits and the washing machine was full with smiles all around.

There was me thinking it was only boaters that got excited about washing machines.


Anonymous Malcolm said...

Hi Bones

It's heartening to know that there are some people that still derive enjoyment from simple pleasures like letting a washing machine do the work.

I see you've been travelling around recently and presume this has been by car.

As you've not mentioned the insurance claim for the bike for a while, does this mean it's all settled (unlikely) and you're the proud owner of a shiny replacement, or are you still 'negotiating'?



12:17 PM  
Anonymous Narrowboat hire said...

the simple pleasures is what makes each day unique and fun, being able to enjoy them will help you live a happier life

3:13 PM  

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