Thursday, September 15, 2011

Out on the Thames

My friend purchased a new boat and so we decided that instead of going to Wales for the weekend we would enjoy a jaunt on the river instead. I met him at Wallingford and we headed up stream to Dorchester. I had forgotten how gorgeous the Thames is.  The new boat has a wonderful front deck which Boots thoroughly enjoyed.


we moored above Days Lock and took a walk into Dorchester, after lunch in the grounds we took a look around the Abbey there.  It isn’t my favourite place because it seems so soul-less but I found my moments of quiet and reflection.


and liked the view from the door


I used to live in a little cottage that didn’t look dissimilar to this one in style and location:


In the morning Boots and I took a walk along the river to Little Wittenham. The church wasn’t open but we enjoyed a mooch around the churchyard.

IMAG2648 IMAG2654

On returning home the host was up so we had breakfast and set sail again.


Boots took pride of place once again and we wound our way up the Thames in the blustering winds.


It was a wonderful trip and by the time I returned home I was exhausted.  Boots wasn’t much better!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boots is looking very well - you've done wonders with that hound!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

10:53 PM  

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