Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 2

Yesterday we took a walk along the stanedge edgeDSC00350 DSC00360DSC00356

I spent many a time there in the past and as I climbed up onto the top the wind began to pick up and the blustering did wonders for my hair. We clambered along the top enjoying the views over the edge on one side and the stretching moors on the other. The scenery is dramatic. Boots’ ears were amazing.

IMAG2727 IMAG2724 IMAG2725

We had a wonderful walk. Every now and again a climber would appear over the edge


Afterwards we stopped in Hathersage for socks, found the most amazing coffee and took a look around the church there. The vicarage looked rather striking and when in the church I noticed it has connections with the Eyre’s. I didn’t realise. Little John is buried in the church yard as well:


In the blurb it says that little John died in a small cottage near the church which was pulled down in the 19th Century. It goes on to say

“What is certain is that a very tall man is buried here, for the grave was opened in 1782 and the skeleton of a man about 7 feet tall was discovered. “

Afterwards we took a drive along a favourite road of mine around the back of Mam Tor towards Edale. It was rather scary and Boots woke up, looked up, looked a bit shocked and farted his way down; I was regretting driving past the dog manicure place several miles back. I thought about going in to get Boots’ nails done but he looked so fast asleep and sweet in the back it seemed a shame to wake him.

Amongst all this I found the cave I was looking for. Wonderful.


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