Saturday, March 10, 2007

Snowy thoughts I

Here is a picture of Snowy Farr, who I have discovered is on the front cover of Eccentric Cambridge.

It is funny when someone you have grown up with is classed as an eccentric and features on a front cover declaring so. On reflection perhaps he was, but he was always snowy to me and my chums; he liked baked potatoes cold, and I remember looking out of the kitchen one day to discover snowy popping up wearing his new scarey mask - I screamed the house down so it was clearly good (but I was only 5, although I would probably still scream today)!!!
My mothers birthday is one day before Snowys, and this year he gave her card but said he didn't have time to write in it, and handed it over to her in its cellophane. We all think this is a super idea, normally we write cards in pencil so they can be reused, but keeping them in the cellophane would actually preserve them for longer!

Snowy used to have a quite sizeable vegetable patch and each year he grew either potatos OR leaks. The quantities were astonishing, he didn't actually like leeks!!!

I am looking forward to visiting the parents and hunting out those old photographs of my sister and I playing on the lawn with some rabbits and Snowy standing nearby in his usual atire helping us.


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