Wednesday, March 07, 2007

wireless internet

Where I am currently moored, we can pay 10pounds a month for unlimited access to the wireless system from our home computers. After much head scratching and the assistance of a knight in shining armour, I managed to get connected. The connection isn't ideal as I have to keep an eye on the signal and periodically stand up to wave the computer around when the signal dips out, not ideal, but ok.

I went to visit Maffi a couple of days ago, and he showed me his Belkin wireless USB Adapter. It is a natty gadget that you put on the roof of the boat, and then connect the USB cable into your laptop - hey presto you can get signal that may not have been detectable before. So impressed was I that I bought my own G+ version. It arrived today and I am mightily impressed, indeed, I am writing this from my dining room which never normally detects a signal. I can now sit and type in tabletop leisure with my roof top arial. Well, I could.
Unfortunately the cable isn't quite long enough so I am sitting on the table with my laptop perched on 6 books shaking with every typed letter. The arial is indeed on the roof - but it does not look slink and sleek; I was afraid it might fall into the water, so I have wrapped it in a plastic bag and weighed it down with my boating pole.

my system lacks a slight pzazz but I think it might catch on.


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